Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing: A Guide to Succeeding in AI-Based Job Interviews

Kyla Duffy
3 min readJul 2, 2023

If you’re job-hunting and you make it to the interview phase, it’s becoming increasingly likely that you’ll face an AI-based interview, like Spark Hire.

Did I just hear you sigh?

You’re not alone. The last time I heard excitement about doing an AI-based interview was…never.

And I get it.

It’s like presenting PowerPoints virtually. With no audience feedback, how can you know if anyone likes what you said? Did it even making any sense?

The only way you’ll ever know is if you get invited to a subsequent in-person interview!

If you’ve done any kind of virtual interview, you already know the basics:

· Light yourself from the front

· Eliminate light (windows) behind you

· Have a good wifi connection

· Use headphones

· Check your technology ahead of time

· Show up early in case you have technology issues

· Dress nice (at least from the waist up — and if you’re not wearing pants, don’t stand up!)

· Minimize clutter behind you — a blank wall is a perfect canvas

Follow the same best practices for AI-based interviews.

AI interview software uses algorithms to analyze your responses based on criteria set by the employer.

It’s not personal; it’s programmed.

The machine isn’t assessing your personality but the keywords, voice tonality, facial expressions, and overall response structure.

Know this, and you’re one step ahead.

Here are some other “Do’s”:

1. Practice, practice, practice:

Since online practice tools abound, preparing for AI-based interviews is easy.

Colleagues have used Yoodli and given it good reviews. A search for “Practice AI interviews” reveals many other tools to try.

2. Structure your answers:

Like traditional interviews, the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) is your best friend…



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