From Layoffs to Liftoff: Reclaiming Your Career in Challenging Times

Kyla Duffy
5 min readOct 28, 2023
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I received this message from a client last week:

“I’ve found myself unemployed yet again! Ugh. Your services worked magic for me last year, and after starting with a new company in January of this year, budget cuts and BS find me on the job hunt this week. I feel dead inside, but hopeful we can talk again!”

This email broke my heart. This client has a history of excellence, loyalty, and achievement. He was at his three prior jobs for at least 5 years each and consistently produced results.

How can such a solid, well-trained (MBA), and productive individual find himself laid off twice in one year?

Two words: today’s world.

This client is not alone. In fact, he’s among the 225k individuals in tech who have been laid off so far this year, according to TechCrunch.

And that’s just tech!

Here’s a short list of major employers that have made significant cuts this year:

· Rite Aid filed for bankruptcy, plans to close 154 stores across 17 states

· Geico (6% of workforce)

· Rolls-Royce (6% of workforce)

· Flexport (20% of workforce)

· Qualcomm (2.5% of workforce)

· LinkedIn (3% of workforce)

· Ally Financial (5% of workforce)

· Qualtrics (14% of workforce)

· Lucid Group (18% of workforce)

· Meta (13% of workforce)

· Twitter (10% of workforce)

· Twilio (17% of workforce)

· iRobot (7% of workforce)

· Disney (3% of workforce)

· Zoom (15% of workforce)

In short, this sucks.

If you’re part of this, I’m sorry.


You didn’t do this.

The government did this.

America did this.

And the world did this.

So, what can you do?



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