2 “Out of the Box” Communication Strategies to Get a Job

Kyla Duffy
4 min readDec 1, 2023
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I met with a client the other day who was feeling down on his luck.

He was a successful entrepreneur, but he was hitting a wall in trying to re-enter the workforce (even with the awesome resume we crafted together).

He said he was hearing crickets after applying for roles that seemed like the perfect fit. (Chirp!)

What was going wrong?

Fact: it’s a tough market right now. There have been many lay-offs this year, which creates a double-whammy for job seekers: fewer companies hiring + more competition for jobs.

Additionally, December is the worst month for hiring.

Managers are waiting on their budgets in the New Year.

People are out on vacation.

And those who are working are scrambling to wrap up end-of-year projects.

Interviewing is the last thing on their minds.

Would it be better to crawl into a hole and hibernate?

Assuming the fetal position might have a strong appeal, but what if you took this time to position yourself for success in the New Year?

Here are some tips to reimagine your job search and stand out from the pack.

I suggest enjoying a rest and passively searching in December.

Then, slam your foot on the gas in January.

1. Provide Value

Imagine you’re hiring for a Technical Project Manager role.

You’ve received hundreds of applicants. A few have even reached out to you personally.

But, you’re bored.

There are many great candidates on paper, but nobody has caught your eye on a personal level.

Suddenly, you receive a message on LinkedIn. It says,

“I saw your talk about the 10 key software trends for the upcoming year. Your ideas about low-cost, no-code development were compelling. When I saw this article postulating that low-code development isn’t ideal for high-growth organizations, I had to send it.

How can businesses effectively balance the convenience and accessibility of low-code…



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